Bob Evans Lawsuit

Williams v. Bob Evans Restaurants, LLC et al.
Case No. 2:18-cv-01353-WSH (W.D. Pennsylvania)

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Welcome to the Bob Evans Lawsuit Home Page.

A settlement has been reached in this matter. If you previously opted-in to join the case, you may be eligible to receive a share of settlement funds.

After the Court conditionally certified some of the Named Plaintiffs’ claims as a collective action, notice was sent to current and former servers working for Defendants during the relevant period. Approximately 5,000 individuals decided to join the action and become Opt-In Plaintiffs by submitting a consent form.

Following years of litigation and an arms-length mediation, the parties reached a settlement agreement. This Settlement is not an admission of any wrongdoing by Defendants or an indication that any law was violated and there has been no finding by any court that Defendants have violated the law.

The Court approved the Settlement on September 25, 2023. To be eligible to participate in the Settlement, you must have affirmatively opted-into this action pursuant to Section 216(b) of the FLSA on or before October 6, 2022.

The information provided is in summary form and is not intended as a complete explanation of your rights.